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About MwalimuPlus e-tutor


Mwalimuplus is an Intelligent e-Tutoring solution for students, parents and teachers and is designed for Kenyan curriculum. The system is designed to improve the learning-teaching process and has a significant amount of learning materials and supports for students to be able to solve math questions with no help.

Mwalimuplus provides learning materials in form of questions to solve, worked-out examples and videos. While students solve questions the system provided step-by-step guidance for students so they can solve the questions. Students can request for different levels of guidance. Therefore, if advanced students prefer to get less help, in Mwalimuplus they can. The system evaluates and measures students understanding about different concepts in math and adapts the learning materials to students’ needs.

Mwalimuplus allows teachers to ​enhance​ the learning process and materials students see. The system assists teachers by providing several reporting tools that can help them to tailor their next lessons to address misunderstanding and weaknesses of different groups of students. The reports can also assist students to identify, novices, advanced students as well as high achievers and low achievers.

Parents can use Mwalimuplus to monitor the progress of ​each​ child and support them when they need help.


  • Intelligent e-Tutoring
  • Mwalimuplus
  • based on Kenyan curriculum

  • messages that provide individual feedback
  • an environment that adapts to learning styles
  • Individualized learning
  • MwalimuPlus eTutor uniquely adapts to each learner
  • Interactive, fun, and intuitive
  • Adaptive Learning +

    Mwalimuplus provides a pre-test and then selects most suitable learning task for students to practice.
  • Interactive Problem Solving +

    Mwalimuplus provides problems for students to solve. The system guides the students while they work through the problems.
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