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Here are some of the elements that make up our DNA strands:

  • MwalimuPLUS wishes to create value for all our stakeholders – not just shareholders.
  • We operate firmly anchored in our purpose which is our dream and reason for being.
  • We are motivated by service to our purpose and our people (employees and customers).

Our Vision

Purpose: Our purpose is to help learners succeed in school and in their future careers.

Destination: Our destination is to unlock potential talent and propel achievement.

Our Values

Many challenges have to be overcome before a learner can get to their destination. It is during this journey that talents are unearthed, and through hard work and practice, these talents may be unlocked. Here are our principles:

Learning: Constantly growing, inquiring and developing.

Ethics: Doing right by our future leaders.

Assistance: Providing service with adaptability and passion.

Relationships: Fostering mutual trust.

Navigation: Constructing a path to scholastic prosperity.

Success: Setting and achieving goals.

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