Who We Are


MwalimuPlus is the fruit of our love for learning. The common thread in our individual stories is falling in love with learning - be it in Social Sciences, Computer Science, Physical Sciences, Education or Mathematics. We want to share this inner joy we have all experienced by inviting young learners to try it for themselves. At the same time we want to equip future learners with skills they will need as they explore and design their own futures.



Our Vision: Children are the STARS of our world! We envision a world of learning for all.

Our mission is Math for All.

Our core values are learning and sharing.


Amir Shareghi PhD

Architect and Team Lead

Expert in ITS and Educational Data Science

Ali Ahmed


Ali is Co-Founder and CEO at MwalimuPlus. Ali is obsessed with learning.

Pedro Alexander

Senior Developer

Alex is aviation enthusiast and on his spare time, he plays classical guitar and sports.

Mohamud Ali

Senior Developer

He is an aspiring entrepreneur. When he is not in the office, he loves to watch and play football.

Emma Namuma

Content team manager

Emma recently graduated in ICT, she loves learning and programming.

Patricia Rodriguez

Multimedia designer

Patty is a Multimedia Designer. She loves learning and designing things of all kinds.

Raquel Mira

Graphic designer

Raquel is a Graphics Designer and she loves exploring ideas and learning.

Andrew Droll PhD 


Andrew is a Data Scientist/Consultant. He dedicates his free time to working on Solve MIT projects.

Kesver Aktas PhD


Kesver has developed projects integrating math with other subjects.

Douglas Wanjala


Douglas is a junior PHP developer and helps testing team to improve the quality of product.

Faith Mburuga

Content editor

Faithelizabeth is a Statistician and a lover of math.She loves listening to music and reading.

George Ayiema

Content editor

He loves football,physical exercise and touring.

Lucy Akinyi Otieno

Content editor

Lucy holds a degree in Library and Information Science. She loves reading and learning foreign Languages.

Arphaxad Ndiema Kipkut

Content editor

Arphaxad is a content editor and database populator. He is a technology enthusiast and loves table tennis.