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MwalimuPLUS Interactive Online Tuition Classes

MwalimuPLUS interactive Online Tuition ensures students learn from the comfort of their homes. Our qualified expert teachers use the latest technology to make learning exciting and fun.

We break down tough topics in Maths, Science, English, Kiswahili, etc. to ensure that the students fully understand them.

MwalimuPLUS online tuition offers C.B.C content for :
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8

Our Learning Packages and Pricing

MwalimuPLUS offers a variety of Learning Packages. Choose your suitable payment plan from the below options and save up to KSh. 650 on a learning package of your choice.

Online Tuition Packages

The Online Tuition package allows students to access both the interactive online classes in Mathematics, Science, English, and Kiswahili and the self-learning packages. Currently available for grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 students.

1 Month Plan

KSH 1650

KSH 750

Save KSH 900
Self-learning Package

The package allows students to access thousands of system-based questions, video lessons, reports, and KCPE Revision papers for the past 11 years.
It is available for grade 1-8 students.

1 Month Plan

KSH 650

KSH 285

Save KSH 365

Benefits of MwalimuPLUS Online Tuition

Safe Learning Environment.

MwalimuPLUS Online tuition provides a safe learning environment for registered students. This enables them to attend online tuition classes from the comfort of their homes, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic period.

Efficiency and flexibility.

The arrangements for the MwalimuPLUS Online Tuition Classes are generally easier and more flexible. This is because neither the tutors nor the students are required to travel.

Access to a variety of learning resources.

Apart from the online tuition classes, students have access to thousands of system-based questions, KCPE revision questions, pre-recorded sub-topic video lessons, and performance reports.

Highly interactive whiteboard tools.

MwalimuPLUS Online Tuition offers live interaction tools, such as a whiteboard with typing, drawing, and editing tools. It also allows screen-sharing sharing of external videos during ongoing classes.

Expert Teachers.

Our highly-trained teachers conduct in-depth lessons drawn from relevant topics and subtopics as per the CBC curriculum, hence ensuring conceptual clarity.

Availability of Public and private chat features.

The public chat feature allows teachers and students to publicly contribute to the topic-related items during an ongoing online session. The private chat feature allows a teacher to send direct and private messages to a specific student(s) during an online Tuition Classes.

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Requirements for Joining MwalimuPLUS
Online Classes

Users SHOULD have learning devices such as: Personal Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones etc.

The User MUST have either MwalimuPLUS web app or mobile app installed on their devices.

The MwalimuPLUS mobile app MUST be at least v2.2.2 or greater to access the Online Tuition feature.

A user MUST have a registered MwalimuPLUS account. A valid phone number is required to register.

A user MUST have an active Online Tuition subscription package to access the Online Tuition classes.

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